Profile: Immertec CEO Erik Maltais

by | Jan 4, 2021 | Entrepreneurs, Featured

Erik Maltais is the energetic visionary and CEO of Immertec, based in Tampa, Florida. 

Immertec is a team of change-makers, developers, scientists, and innovators passionate about expanding the possibilities of healthcare through the use of 3D VR technology. Utilizing Immertec’s proprietary platform called Medoptic, doctors wear VR goggles to observe and consult in real-time with other practitioners during surgical procedures. Medoptic allows doctors the opportunity to learn from, and consult with experts, from anywhere in the world.

Originally from Manchester, NH Maltais’ life has been a path of action, intuition and street-smarts. As a first-generation Latino in NH, he watched his mother work 3 jobs to support Maltais and his siblings. That work ethic rubbed off, and so did the desire to see the world. At a young age, he set out to travel Europe. This zest for the combination of adventure and duty led him to volunteer as a Marine Corps machine gunner in Iraq. His life in the Marines took him from machine gunner to security detail for a colonel who eventually wrote him a letter of recommendation for Embassy duty. He worked in Embassies all over the world, including Bangkok, Paraguay and Berlin. During the 2008 Olympics he was selected to be security detail for President Bush. 

Maltais spent much of his youth in Crystal River with his grandparents and wanted to return to the beautiful cities along the Gulf as an adult, so after five years away from the states, he parlayed his savings into investment properties in the St. Petersburg area. With money in his pocket and a new home, he finished his education at the University of South Florida at St. Petersburg in economics and accounting. 

Maltais  is among the few chosen as a Bunker Labs City Leader and he is eager to engage in their initiative. Bunker Labs is a non-profit agency built by military veterans to empower and support other military veterans to start and grow their businesses—opening a chapter in Tampa Bay in 2020. With chapters in more than 25 cities, Bunker Labs supports all entrepreneurs in the veteran community including military veterans, spouses, and family members. Maltais believes that being a part of an organization like Bunker Labs is an incredible honor and he is looking forward to the opportunity to meet and network with other vets to get their start in the region. 

Entrepreneurship was through an e-commerce company, which led to a successful exit.  Using the capital created with this company he was able to start Immersive Tech, Inc. where he now pours his passion for future technology into the Immertec brand. He cracked Silicon Valley’s status quo by starting a company in Tampa with an innovative 3D VR technology that provides businesses with the capability to remotely connect key employees, industry resources or external subject matter experts to business situations.

Founded in 2017, Immertec is an award-winning technology startup that’s pushing the limits of what’s possible in virtual health. To date, the company has raised $8 million dollars in funding to develop and launch its Medoptic product. This Medoptic product is a remote real-time, virtual reality software that has been working coast to coast with strategic and sophisticated investors such as Rise of the Rest and the Benvolio Group to foster growth in Immertec. 

In addition, on Feb. 1 of this year Immertec participated in the 26th Annual Tampa Shoulder Course at Tampa’s Marriott Waterside Hotel. The course provided a full day of education on key issues in shoulder arthroplasty, as well as a full day on sports medicine topics, such as instability, traumatic elbow injuries, and rotator cuff repair. This course featured live surgeries, debates, rapid-fire case reviews, workshops, and didactic presentations. FORE was one of the participants or sponsors of the 26th Annual Tampa Shoulder Course.

As part of an agreement with The Foundation for Orthopaedic Research and Education (FORE)—whose mission is to improve orthopaedic medicine through investigation, innovation and education—Immertec installed a stereoscopic camera at FIVE Labs, FORE’s innovative facility designed to educate the next generation of healthcare professionals and to foster creativity for the development of technologies for health care’s biggest challenges. Utilizing the surgical skills lab, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mark A. Mighell performed a rotator cuff repair procedure on a cadaver.

Immertec’s technological advances in virtual reality will continue to flourish within the medical community, with the goal of helping surgeons and patients worldwide. 

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